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Working Together: Conflict Resolution

An informational eLearning training designed to help reduce interpersonal conflict in the work setting.

Audience: Working professionals 

Responsibilities: Research, Script, Visual Design, Storyboard, Development

Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Vyond, Canva

CRWix Main_edited.jpg

This eLearning project is designed to help reduce interpersonal conflict in the work setting. Teamwork is critical to success. When workplace tensions rise it can create an overall dissatisfaction and discord. Handling conflict negatively can halt productivity and have a severe impact on the work environment. Utilizing productive communication skills can help aid in conflict resolution and root out workplace issues.


With Articulate Rise being the chosen platform for this course, I wanted the content to be more appealing to the user. I incorporated interactive story blocks throughout the course, as well as created animations using Vyond and Canva. I wanted to allow users to make decisions regarding interpersonal work conflicts. I featured realistic interactions in which the learner would need to select the most suitable response regarding disputes between colleagues.

Rise Storyboard

To help gain a better understanding of my design, I created an outline of the course. I organized the content into chapters, thought about the transitions and graphics along the way, and carefully planned for the eLearning experience. Lastly, with the amount of robust content in the course, I meaningfully separated the pages into bite-sized chunks. This would allow the learner to stay engaged and alert throughout its entirety.

Rise Storyboard
Vyond Storyboard

Next, I developed a storyboard for my Vyond video. The storyboard allowed me to see how all the pieces would work together. Seeing the storyboard visually mapped out allowed me to make the necessary revisions and helped create the video efficiently during the production process.

Vyond SB
Vyond SB

I compiled my assets and began adding and structuring the content into Rise. Using Gagne’s Nine Events as a framework, I introduced the content of the lesson with an engaging animated video to attract and gain attention. Ultimately, the goal was to create a user driven experience that delivered useful and meaningful content where users didn’t feel overwhelmed by the information but rather, connected to it. 

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