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About Me



LinkedIn: bbarreiro

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I'm an Instructional Designer with a background in education. I spent the last ten years working in the elementary school setting in Austin, TX. My degree in education provided me with the academic training to understand the cognitive components of the learning process to effectively engage, motivate, and teach all learners. This helped transform my years in the classroom to create authentic and engaging learning experiences. 


I enjoy creating learning solutions that not only meet the learners’ needs and target existing gaps, but are also engaging and results oriented. I'm interested in discovering new technologies, trends, and solutions to meet those needs. I believe in the importance of feedback to continue to improve experiences. As a collaborative team player, I value building relationships where perspectives, insights, and knowledge are shared and supported. 


A little more about me…

In the meantime, I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA; Trading in breakfast tacos for pierogies and Texas sun for Pittsburgh winters. I enjoy traveling, being in nature, and spending time with my family and friends.

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